Thursday, December 27, 2012

Inflexibility is insisting on acting on plans which are unfeasible. It's like giving lousy suggestions, standing back and going "See, I've suggested something, now I've done my fair share." It's like ignoring valid arguments and reasons whilst trying to smoke and confuse others.

I'm so irritated.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Digital Media Across Asia

Or comm215 - best excuse to use social media for school, ever.

It's also gotten me into new platforms like Klout, and forced me to register for Instagram, get Tweetdeck, download apps on my ipad etc. I never knew Google Reader was so cool. Or I'm just caught up in the moment and will have 1k+ unread articles by the end of this week. :/

This sem's workload is coming, I can feel it hot on my heels. //pant pant


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Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Krabi!!

Okay so it's my first official holiday with friends ever! And I'm going with my girls from church. :) At the hotel lobby of Krabi La Playa now, accessing the free wifi!

Today we visited the Tiger Temple and took photos with the various planter animals. Then we went for lunch at a duck noodle place - reminded me of pho and was super yummy! Then we went to a sorta town area to shop. We were dropped off at a department store but it was something like OG/Robinson's so we left and walked around the street. I bought some crisps (banana, cassava and potato), kiam sng di and a moustache tee! Saw some M.A.C. products and Anna Sui but I think it was fake. We stopped at a souvenir shop where I had near misses with useless stuff but didn't get anything, thank goodness. And now I've ended up here! Can't wait to get up to the room, then straight to the pool! YEY FOR HOLIDAYS.

I miss the boy. :( Wish he was here. :(


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Thought the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm Not Sewing, I'm Not Knitting, I'm Crochetting.

This is but one example to illustrate many instances.

Why do you bother to know or ask what is going on, what am I currently doing, what am I studying, if you don't remember? It's no picnic to keep repeating shit as much as 3 times in an hour. What's the point of asking if you can't bother to remember. Stop taking it for granted that I'll repeat myself - it's irritating to the highest degree. And if you know I have told you something but you have forgotten, don't bloody ask if it doesn't matter. What's it to you? You don't have use in knowing certain things. So stop bugging me!

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Sometimes I forget my own name. I hear Bex so often, the occasional Becky... It's striking to hear it after so long.

Rebecca is a pretty name. I've always liked it! Old-fashioned sounding, nice to write. All the letters in my name have some form of roundness. Femininity in a name? Okay omg so weird to be praising my own name.

Bex (Rebecca)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10 Smells I Love

I love the smell of

1) The ground before it rains.

Nothing like that earthy, salty smell of soil. It's very basic nature ole factory! :D It's refreshing and mellow all at the same time.

2) My bed.

That wonderful warm smell which means its time to sleep! Also makes it hard to leave in the morning. :(

3) My baby bunting! <3

My sweet soft pillow! Don't call her "chou chou". :( Her smell is soft and comforting and smells like companionship during times when I feel sad, young or old.

4) People that are special to me.

Okay this sounds funny but everyone has a smell and smells of people I love and I know make me feel warm and fuzzy and grateful.

5) F&N's ice cream soda.

I'm mad about the smell!! Don't ask me why. That pretty vanilla scent really drives me nuts. So much so that I inhaled it one time by accident. Think carbonate water in your sinuses. Ouch. :(

6) Turpentine.

Okay this is another weird one. And I try not to breathe too deeply. But when I go into an art room or around an area being painted, I can't help taking a few indulgent sniffs. It smells adventurous and deep. Glue sniffing addiction? Shh I refuse to think about it!

7) Mum's perfume.

I guess this sorta counts as people that are special to me, but it's a whole new category cause she has HEAPS of perfume but ALL of them are familiar to me. Brings back childhood memories of me waiting in my parents' room on Sunday while they get ready for church, and mum spritzes on her perfume. :) Dad's cologne doesn't do the same for me because I always cough when he sprays his. :( Too overwhelming I think.

8) Really fresh air.

Sometimes when the wind blows into my room, I'll run over and take deep deep breaths until I'm light headed and there's this faint stirring in my heart because it smells like New Zealand and quiet freedom.

9) Meat cooking.

I know it's unglamorous but I love meat. I LOVE IT. And the smell of cooking meat (burgers, steak, sausages) makes me go really crazy. If I'm hungry, worse! The best type of cooked meat smell is the type you get to eat after smelling it. :D

10) Old story books.

They all have that same smell. Like comfort and the promise of a story and fast-passing hours. It makes me feel so secure and excited. Printed paper just does that for me. Ebooks have no smell. :( Cause of that, I'll never be a believer. Sorry Amazon!


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Monday, July 23, 2012

Big events

I usually blog when

1) I'm bored

2) Big events take place and when I have no one to talk to about them.

This would be the second option. Oh and it should be 2) + cryptically put since I KNOW this is open to everyone's reading, even if everyone isn't reading this.

I just don't get it. How can people be so petty and two-faced and traitorous. PEOPLE. It seems like you know them, then suddenly you find out this huge piece of shit hit the fan a long time ago and everyone noticed it but you because you were kept from it! And then after that you try to talk to someone you trust about it then you find out they have no time for you. And that's when your life is falling apart. And then much later on, the person you trust does something pretty damn weird. Something to do with the shit-hitting-the-fan time. And you hope they better have a damn good explanation for it.

It's so damn hard to keep it together. It's like a fresh wave dug up from the past slapping you in the  face all over again. Like a cold wave when you're lying on the beach trying to enjoy the sun. And it's hard to dry off. Hard to forget. But I can't fall apart because there's so many things unanswered. But I don't feel like it's going to stop me from crumbling anyway.

Fucking hurts.

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3 months and 8 days

Since my last post.

I have a feeling this blog is going to become one of those blogs that has a perpetual latest entry being "the first in a long time" or apologising for lack of updates.

Here's seeing the end of a really hectic week! Or month...?

Following the concert, which we worked really hard for, we dove straight into our competition piece with less than a month to The Big Day. And guess what...?


Never in my wildest dreams! And this felt really big to me; I was positively joyfulelatedecstatic after I heard our score. I feel like everything we put in, all the emotions and hard work and obsession and ear worms (introductory phrase on repeat in my head daily, footsteps as metronome whilst walking) WAS WORTH IT.

The gala performance, which was today, didn't go so well though. Wasn't in the right frame of mind, flustered and unprepared when we started. Nevermind, this will be an experience to learn from; I'll take my time until I'm done! "This is the only time percussion gets to speak", said someone today, and he's right!

I won't make promises to blog often - hardly have the time. But I think, just to break the monotony of it all, I'll post something interesting next time. Even if it's another "first time in a long time" post, we all know that, so I'll write something to entertain both me and myself. :D


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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Yesterday was a good day! Got my matric card replaced like in 2 days. Here I was worried that I wouldn't get it before my Finance exams. Oh and I was worried about something else, or should I say, WE were worried. But it's fine now. :D $600 saved!!!

I'm getting faaaat. D: But now I have more excuses to keep eating than excuses to not. So I'll just wait til my internship then starve in the office. Hohoho I'm outsmarting life. :D I CAN'T WAIT TIL EXAMS ARE OVER. Then I'll be able to chill, sleep, and do (expensive) Snoopy jigsaw puzzles! But that also means that Nate will be leaving for holiday. DDDD: I didn't even get my chance to make scallops and peas! Nooooo.
MUST go to Smoochiezzz sales/store whichever is first. I'm gna go mad after exams. Got my eye on some brushes and powders.



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